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Tailored man: an innovative low impact idea

PRINCIPI MILANO is a completely Italian brand that has changed the old tailor’s work into a company based on a new business concept, in order to satisfy the stylistic needs of the modern man.

This business project is meant for dynamic entrepreneurs being motivated to start an innovative, very low risk business activity, preferably having experience in the clothing sector, even if to have experience in the sector is not necessary.

PRINCIPI MILANO offers a revolutionary solution for retailers. “The Tailored Man” in two different versions:

PRINCIPI MILANO Corner, if you have already got a well established clothing shop. PRINCIPI MILANO offers an important opportunity of collaboration with your multibrand shop and boutique. Your shop will be provided with a catchy layout, just studied for being practically used and in tune with the style of your retail area.

Purchase only of the goods really sold, then without any entrepreneurial risk, according to the three Z rule:

ZERO unsold goods

ZERO stock on hand

ZERO stock-in trade

Other advantages for the retailer: widening of the customer target, (the “out of standard style and size customers” included), diversification of the goods categories provided (shirts, suits, coats, ties, shoes, belt, knitwear), an only supplier and interlocutor for all the collections, very low initial investment cost, no entrance fee, no royalties, high profit margins, a business reactive policy capable of facing a continuously changing market, immediate adaptation with the seasonal trends and fashions, guaranteed sole agency in a certain area, development of customer loyalty, support and assistance.

Advantages for your customer: very high customization (fabrics, designs, styles, accessories, etc.), the comfort of finding a “Made-to-Measure Total Look” by an only point of sale, immediate measurement taking without waiting for a tailor coming from outside, excellent prices for “Made-to-Measure” items, exclusive and personalized treatment.

PRINCIPI MILANO allows the retailers, Franchisees or Corners, to purchase also items of the Prêt à Porter collection, at least 6 for each reference product, that can be absorbed back within 4 weeks.

You (retailer or distributor) may choose from different options of cooperation: on Prèt a Porter Collection, Made-to-Measure, or both.

Of course the minimum order is only 1 piece because of Made-to-Measure. There is no need for you to be a tailor, and you don't have to purchase fabrics. We give you the opportunity of taking measures by yourself, by adapting the sample suit/shirt/shoe/tie (measures in centimeters) to the body size just using our measure kits like description below:
Made-to-Measure Shirts: the starter kit is made of: 22 sample shirts from size 37 up to size 50 in 3 different wearability (slim, basic, very large), 23 sample collars, 10 sample cuffs, collection made of 700 fabrics (pure cotton);
Made-to-Measure Suits: the starter kit is made of: 8 sample suits from size 46 up to size 60 in in basic wearability, made of jacket, pants and waistcoat, about 10 fabrics books in different weight and composition (winter, summer, 4 seasons, wedding/gala);
Made-to-Measure Shoes: the starter kit is made of: 10 sample single right shoes from size 38 up to size 47 to take measures, 10 sample shoes as from the catalog (5 left shoes and five right ones), mini book made of 100 different leathers;
Made-to-Measure Cashmere knitwear: the starter kit is made of: 10 sample sweater from size 46 up to size 60 to take measures, collection book made of about 100 different cashmere colours;
Made-to-Measure Ties: the starter Kit is made of 1 seven folds tie, 2 three folds, 1 cravat, 1 plastron, 1 bow tie and the silk collection book.

You will get the Technical order form for the Made-to-Measure item, and very detailed Operation Manual to take measures for your customers; you will fill in the technical order form to be sent to Principi Milano by e-mail. If you want it is possible to have 2 training-live days at our offices, or via Skype.

All the ordered items, will be delivered after order as the following timetable:
Shirts, 2 weeks
Suits, 4 weeks
Ties, 2 weeks
Cashmere, 3 weeks
Shoes and Belts, 5 weeks

We invite to visit our official Electronic Catalog with models and fabrics/leather at

All of our products are designed and manufactured in Italy in keeping with the best of traditional Italian Style and Excellence.

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